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At Creation Family Ministries, we desire to meet the needs of ministries and individuals who desire to relate all truth to the foundational world view of creation. While macro-evolution is touted by many as "science," it is actually a faith-based world view that does not include an ultimate Designer. The questions remain: Did the design of the universe get here by chance, natural processes, or is everything the result of an omniscient, omnipotent Designer? If there is a Designer, does He know me, can I know him, and does He have a special design for my life? We are here to help answer these questions, and more. 

We seek to help churches with revival meetings, conferences, special meetings for children (including VBS), special Saturday fellowship “Creation Sundays,” mission projects, teacher training, music ministry, and special youth meetings. 

Creation Family Ministries

1225 29th Av Dr NE 
Hickory, NC 28601 
Phone: 828-238-0016 
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